Convention of Champions

I’m excited to finally pop my Vegas cherry this summer. Yes, you heard right – I’m a Vegas virgin. I’ve ever had a chance to travel much outside of BC, but that’s all about to change. Most of all, I can’t wait to attend my first WFG Las Vegas convention at the MGM Grand in August! Nothing excites me more than knowing that I will be in the presence of thousands upon thousands of inspirational leaders whose words have a way of impacting my life on a positive level. They say, surround yourself with successful leaders and eventually you will become one. Amen to that.

Four days of work and four days of play. Who says you can’t mix pleasure with business? Here’s a teaser of what to expect:

“All your dreams, all the stuff you really want happening in your life, are buried in the deep end. In life, everybody likes to play it safe and hang out in the shallow waters – it’s much easier, isn’t it? But you know where all the dreamers are? They’re in the deep end. It’s colder, you can drown, it’s more dangerous and there’s scarier fish in the deep end of the waters. But that’s where your biggest dreams are buried; it’s where your destiny lies.”— Ed Mylett

Like the man says – sometimes you’ve got to take a risk. Remove the life preserver, suppress your fears and take a dive into the deep end in order to chase your wildest dreams!

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