My first WFG Las Vegas Convention!

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In a nutshell: it was an experience of EPIC proportions and twice thrice as awesome as I expected it to be.

Picture this, it’s your first time going to an event of this size and magnitude, with over 25,000 fellow associates at your company’s national convention, coupled with the fact you’ve never been to Las Vegas, makes for a pretty awesome first time experience. The lights, the buzz, the loudness, the crowds, the heat, the excitement – it was just overwhelming on so many levels. The fact that I’d just delivered a baby a year prior, and that I’m actually here, in Sin City, about to experience the time of my life, was just surreal and mind-blowing to me!

Some of the ladies on my team

One thing I quickly learned in Vegas was, places are NOT as close as they appear. Walked around a whole lot and probably lost a bit of weight as a result, ate crappy food during convention sessions (but also indulged in a few great restaurants off hours), experienced the infamous night life on multiple occasions, and above all, had a great time with my team.

At the prestigious Gala Awards Ceremony.

I admit, my first year at this convention, I was probably a little more interested in reveling in the experience of Las Vegas itself than I was at focusing on the convention to grow my business. Did I have too much fun? Probably. There were far too many distractions for a first-timer, who was “young” and impressionable and relatively fresh in the business, making the bright lights all too enticing and tempting. But if I had to do it all over again, I wouldn’t change a thing. Many bonds were formed, friendships strengthened, laughs shared, team camaraderie felt, and many unforgettable and irreplaceable memories were made during this trip.

My favourite photo of this trip. Love these guys!

I also met some incredible people from all walks of life through this business. Shook hands with a few well known leaders in WFG, heard Condoleezza Rice speak at our convention and rubbed shoulders with some of the giants in our company – so freaking awesome!

Met Alec Chan! Funniest Asian guy in WFG, hands down.

To top it off, I took home some pretty awesome awards. Top Recruiter on a couple of categories, which was awesome! Recruiting, I believe, has more weight and value than being a producer – in my honest, humble opinion. What do you think? I was quite thrilled to accept all these awards during the breakout meeting, in front of all my peers and leaders. My upline Nancy was definitely proud! I also witnessed my leaders getting recognized, too. Jemile had the number one MD baseshop and Vicky was the number one cash flow earner. Love playing on a winning team. And I love winning! Period.

Took home my first big award – Top Personal Recruiter!

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