SMD Academy!

It all started when I hit my senior broker promotion in 2014. As recognition, my company sent us to a special leadership event for all the newly promoted SMD’s. I was completely ecstatic when I received this invitation letter from head office:

SO exciting! I’ve never been to the WFG home office in Johns Creek, nor have I ever set foot on that side of the United States before – so many firsts in this journey!

Our hotel lobby

What made the trip memorable were the people I got to spend time with. I was fortunate enough to experience this adventure with some of my office colleagues who also got promoted around the same time as me. We all started in WFG relatively around the same time, a little more than 2 years ago, and through this journey, we’ve been able to learn together, grow together, and win together.

Colleagues. All in the same hierarchy

The first night we were treated to an evening of fine dining where we got to meet and mingle with other SMD’s in both countries. So many people from different walks of life, with so many different backgrounds and stories, yet all here for the same reason.

To our surprise and dismay, each of us received a “report card” of our business evaluated by home office and to tell you the truth, it was actually quite depressing. The numbers don’t lie. NONE of us were thrilled with our results. It was clear I wasn’t even remotely close to where I needed to be, but amongst my peers, I had the best overall recruiting numbers! Ha.

During the training sessions, we got to hear from some of the top leaders in our company – Joe DiPaola, Rick Williams, Jack Linder, and my two favourite speakers of all time, Paul Hart and Jeff Levitan.

Trying on Jeff Levitan’s $3mil earner ring!

We often don’t remember what people say, but we remember how they make us feel. A moment that stood out for me during the general session was when they called on the top five in our SMD academy, and the number one SMD in our class was a guy named Nick Shah. He was younger than me by a couple of years but he already had three SMD’s in his team, and was about to hit his next level promotion as an Executive Marketing Director. What an incredible story. Had a chance to pick his brain a little and man, I was inspired. It goes to show that, it doesn’t matter what your level of experience is or how old you are, as long as you focus and work hard, you can outwork and get ahead of everybody else in the room.

This company allows you to rub shoulders with some of the greatest people, ever. I’m so thankful I get the honor and privilege to give my family the best chance of a better future through this platform we call WFG, otherwise known as We Family Gang. Lol. All jokes aside – I have no clue where I’d be right now if it wasn’t for this company. God forbid, probably back to slaving away at 3 jobs and working 80+ hours a week. I shudder to think of being anywhere else but here, in the best company and greatest opportunity in North America. I know – you’re probably rolling your eyes as you read this, because I hear people say that about their company all the time. How their company is the “best” and how it’s changed their life, yada yada yada. But the fact is, NOBODY has it better than us. Our products, our services, our compensation, the need and demand in our industry, our exponential growth, our world class parent company (Aegon), our partnerships – just, everything. NOTHING can beat the WFG opportunity and I would bet on it with my life.

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