Cuba 2015

“You discover yourself as you discover the world.”

Thank you WFG for another free trip this year. Words can’t express how grateful I am to be able to share this experience with my family and all my friends in the business. Our first family vacation overseas! First time in Cuba and first time to this part of the world. Hands down, the saltiest ocean and whitest sands I’ve ever seen my entire life. Such a beautiful place.

Spent the last part of our trip doing tourist-y things. Havanna city tour, dolphin catamaran excursions and to top everything off, had a grand farewell dinner to end the trip.

I love experiences that widen my perspective on life, and there’s nothing more enriching and humbling than to travel to different parts of the world and make new fascinating cultural discoveries. I can’t wait to explore the world and enrich my kids’ lives with unforgettable lifetime memories with the best group of people in the best company ever.

At last ― Cuba finally crossed off my bucket list. Next…!

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