WFG Vegas Convention “RISE” 2015

I missed out on last year’s convention because I was eight months pregnant, so coming back to Las Vegas during convention time is always super exciting. I love that this city never sleeps. I love the vibrant, lively, dramatic and obnoxious crowd and energy that Vegas is known for. Oh, the freedom and escapism of it all!

This year’s convention was a little different than my last experience back in 2013. Less partying and more team building/business focused, for sure. Had such a great time bonding with my Vietnamese team this year. Super excited for what’s to come!

One of the highlights this year was getting recognized for our SMD promotion on the big screen and walking across the stage at MGM Grand arena in front of 40,000 WFG associates! Wow, what an incredible experience. It felt like a pageant parade – the line up of recipients, the waving to the audience, the blinding stage lights, and the photographers taking pictures of us as we stopped to pose – it was awesome. I can’t wait to one day share my story on the big stage!

At an event like this, bumping into a few friends or acquaintances who aren’t in the same hierarchy as you is inevitable. A lot of hugs, high fives, fist pumps and “woooo!” all day long, lol. It never gets old.

Vanessa and I, reveling in the moment.

My least favourite part of the convention? The Gala Awards ceremony. It’s a love-hate relationship, actually. I love the idea of getting dolled up in your prettiest gown, looking and feeling like a million bucks, for a night of prestigious recognition and awards – the extravagance, the glitz and glamour and the whole event is pretty spectacular. But this petty resentment stems from my own lack of accomplishment. Nothing to do with the convention or anyone else, but it’s the frustration from within; the reminder that I’m nowhere near the big-time. So, all the recognition, awards and endless clapping is for someone else. Ugh, it kills me inside. But I guess being a sore loser doesn’t help either, does it? Like they say: don’t get bitter, get better. Bet I wouldn’t be complaining if it was me or my team up there getting recognized, huh? Alright, the whining stops here.

Our time will come.

Of course, spent some time with my younger team. Such a fun, loud and spontaneous bunch. Both of these groups could not be more different. One thing to note: having a diverse team is pretty awesome. But.. can be the cause of a lot of headaches if you’re not careful. Personality clashes are bound to happen the bigger your team grows – it’s all just part of the business.

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