Team Identity

There is so much to consider when it comes to forming a team identity. Team identity and team culture are two separate things – don’t get them confused. Currently, I am working on a team logo and I enjoy exploring different concepts, ideas, and designs, then putting everything into perspective to create a unique and visual image of what my team represents. For the time being, all I can tell you is our team identity will strongly embody our team name: Team Elite. 

When I think of “elite,” I think of something mighty and fierce like a lion. Determined, fearless, strong, disciplined and leadership. Everything from strength, courage, to prestige, being the best, dominating, self mastery, all these things come to mind. A lot of ideas are flowing in all different directions and it’s exciting to visualize the finished product in my mind. Can’t wait to materialise my vision and share my creation with the team.

For the longest time, it was always about me and my family. But now, it’s all about the team and the people behind me. You aren’t winning unless your team is winning. I look forward to the day when I can proudly stand amongst a team of individuals whom I’ve coached and see them blossom into successful, prosperous and independent entrepreneurs/coaches themselves. It gives me so much hope to know that the BEST days are yet to come.

Everything starts with a vision.

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