Why not you?

I used to idolize the executives in my company, the ring earners, the millionaires, the CEO’s, the EVC’s, and the more I idolized their position and title, the more impossible it felt to ever reach that level of success. This only made me feel more inadequate and inferior. But what I’ve learned is that these individuals, these executives, they’re just ordinary people who worked hard, paid their dues and refused to give up. We all have the ability to work hard, the only difference is they’ve just worked hard longer! As long as you are consistent, persistent and determined, you, too, will get there one day.


The next time you find yourself idolizing or admiring someone else’s success, what you should really be doing instead is asking yourself, why not YOU? And why not now? You can do it, too. The only person stopping you from doing anything is yourself.

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