“Sign and Die”

Some people quit before they even start. In our company, we call these people “sign and die’s” aka S.A.D. They sign up and die out right away. Impulsive quitters, lol. I guess I shouldn’t be laughing at the expense of others but really, I just don’t understand the mindset of a quitter. We simply do not speak the same language. I mean, why did you even sign up in the first place? You might as well should’ve said no, instead of making the decision to change your future and then backing out.


Here’s what I don’t understand. Why make the decision to try something new, and before even taking the first step in attempting something new, already talk yourself out of it? It just baffles me. I agree that doubt kills more dreams than failure. But if you’re going to quit anyway, might as well see how far you can go before that happens and perhaps make the most out of your experience. Am I right, or am I right? See, if I was going to lose, I wouldn’t go down without a fight. But maybe not everyone is a fighter.

Think about it for a second – what would be the worst thing that could happen if they pursued something that was different/out of their comfort zone? They end up hating the process and quitting? Well, not such a big difference in outcome, is it? But on the other hand, what if they ended up succeeding and becoming somebody they never knew they had the potential to become? So much wasted potential out there. I guess we’ll never know.

I’ve finally come to terms with the fact that not everyone is good enough to be in business with me, but everyone can benefit from becoming my client. Because at the end of the day, life goes on. Some will, some won’t, so what – who’s next?!

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