Being “dauntless”


You know the movie Divergent? Well, I’m convinced I’m Dauntless, if not Divergent. Lol. I just looked up the dictionary definition of dauntless and this is what it says:

Dauntless: showing fearlessness and determination.

As humans, we all have fears and nobody is exempt from them. However, what separates the winners and the losers in this category is that some are brave enough to face and conquer their fears, while others hide and run from them at every given chance.

Case in point, I once had the worst case of stage fright and fear of public speaking imaginable. I would avoid being in the spotlight like the plague, at ALL costs. It was just nerve-wracking on a whole ‘nother level to me. The times where I was unfortunate enough to be tasked with addressing or giving any type of speech, I would freeze mid-way and my mind would draw a blank and I’d be unable to recover. On multiple occasions, I’ve actually had to run off the stage in total shame and embarrassment because I’d forgotten my lines. Talk about being traumatized for life…

Well, that was all before WFG came into my life.

What was once my fear is now a challenge I look forward to. I know that every time I walk into my fears, I am suppressing it and becoming more bold, daring and unbreakable. It’s not everyday that you get selected to be the MC of a huge convention and speak in front of an audience of 500 people. When you are chosen to partake in a role at a big company event, it’s actually a huge compliment – what an honor and a privilege. Am I nervous? Absolutely. But am I afraid? No.

Four years in business has taught me to embrace challenging and uncomfortable situations, no matter how daunting the task may be. Because let’s face it, that’s the only way you can ever grow as a person. If you’re always playing it safe, never taking risks and enjoy being in your comfortable little shell, well, nothing big is ever going to happen in your life. There is no place for those who play it safe in this world. I know where my future is headed and let me tell you something, my vision has no place for mediocrity!

In business, you’re either growing or dying. Never allow fear to cripple you, or worse, let your fear of something become your source of excuse. We all have fears! But it’s how you overcome them and succeed in spite of fear that will make or break you.

Choose to be dauntless.

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