Why settle for average?

At one point or another, we all used to be just average, ordinary people programmed to do average, ordinary things. Things like watching television, playing games, reading tabloids and getting rapt up in celebrity gossip (guilty), resisting change, partying with friends every weekend, drinking and smoking, staying comfortable, not taking responsibility for your own actions and putting blame on others, etc. Normal things.

But eventually, you get to a point in your life where an epiphany strikes you from seemingly out of nowhere and you’re hit with the realization that, normalcy isn’t what you’re looking for. It’s that aha! moment where you look at your hardworking parents, who are still nowhere close to their golden years, or you look at the old man handing out flyers at the grocery store, and you think to yourself,

… is this where my future is headed?  

The truth is, you’ve never wanted an average, ordinary, normal life. But you’ve been conditioned for mediocrity and to go down this path your entire life. The fact is, as much as I love my parents for all the sacrifices they made to bring us to this country, where they came from were dirt floors and scarcity of food – in other words, they came from poverity. When they came to Canada, they upgraded our life from the low, poor class to the middle class. Now it’s OUR job to take our family from the middle class way of thinking to the world class. It was then and there that I realized what I wanted all along, was a spectacular, fantastic, extraordinary, incredibly ABUNDANT life. A life my parents (bless their hearts) never had.

Here’s the kicker – in order for you to attain this type of lifestyle, we need to un-do all the things that make us ordinary and re-learn habits that are going to take us from ordinary to extraordinary – things like reading good books, setting goals and reading them aloud daily, embracing change, complimenting and praising others, learning to forgive (not for others but for your own peace of mind), helping to uplift others, exercising for good health, facing your fears, mastering your craft daily, and manifesting positive affirmations into your life. All these things are uncomfortable on some levels, and because of that, not many people are willing to do it. That, my friend, is exactly why YOU need to do it. Because in order to have a life that others can’t have, we must be willing to do what others aren’t willing to do.

Why be good when you can be great?

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