My name is Maria. I’m a recruiter and licenced financial professional working as a senior broker with World Financial Group (WFG).

If you are interested in finding out more about what I do or about my company and how we are revolutionizing the financial industry and helping families who’ve been left behind by the traditional industry, click here for more information.

As an aspiring writer, I love the powerful energy behind words. Words capture and cling to people in a dramatic, poignant way – and live deep inside us all. It doesn’t matter if those words are written or spoken, all of us have tales yearning to be shared. This is why I created my own personal blog. Writing is the channel I use to communicate and express my thoughts, ideas, ideals, dreams, goals, challenges and lessons learned, and I wish to share my view with the world. So, welcome to my blog! Feel free to share your thoughts with me, I welcome your visits and comments.

It is never too late to reinvent yourself. The purpose of this blog is to chronicle my journey as an entrepreneur and becoming a better and more refined version of myself – documenting everything from my daily routines, personal and professional accomplishments, goals, hopes, dreams and lots of inspirational stuff. Who I am today isn’t going to get me to where I want to be, therefore I must be willing to change and go through the difficult and oftentimes uncomfortable stages of self development to be able to raise my identity to a higher level. Unfiltered and raw, throwing all caution to the wind, and not caring what anyone else thinks. This is my safe haven and fortress where I can be inexplicably and unapologetically me.

I also have a personal blog, The Young and Hopeful, where I express my thoughts on love, life, lessons, motherhood, random day-to-day recounts and other philosophical musings. It was originally supposed to contain only specific content geared towards self-discovery, individualism and life as a mom. However, since leaving the corporate world and discovering my newfound calling as an entrepreneur and uncovering a passion to build/develop people, inevitably, my entries became more business- and work-related, shifting the entire focal point and identity of my blog towards my new role in the business world. Hence, this is why I decided to start another blog, separating my personal “mommy” life from my professional “entrepreneurial” life, but in a fun, creative and expressive way. Enjoy.

I may not be the greatest writer, but everything on my site is written and expressed from the heart and from my own perspective. You may not agree with some of the things I post, but then again, everyone is entitled to their own thoughts and opinions. Blogging is my personal outlet; I write because I enjoy the freedom of expression, especially when it is through a creative output. But most of all, writing is what defines me as an individual.

These are my thoughts, and mine only. Please do not copy.